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Retail Market Study

Materials from the 2009 Retail Market Study conducted by the Village of Grayslake are now available for viewing by clicking the link below. At the April 13, 2010 Economic Development Commission meeting the Village of Grayslake released the results of the 2009 Consumer Survey, which was distributed to Grayslake residents during the summer of 2009. From the results, the Village created a Retail Market Development Plan to help recruit new business to Grayslake and help grow existing businesses.

For more information on the Retail Market Development Plan, please contact the Village of Grayslake at 847-223-8515.

Retail Market Plan


Chamber Services Contract
In 1998, the contract between the Grayslake Chamber of Commerce and the Village of Grayslake's Economic Development Commission was designed to provide support services that promote economic development in the Grayslake area. Some of the services provided by the chamber under the contract include:

  • Administrative / clerical support

  • A minimum of four promotional events per year

  • Advertising programs for existing businesses

  • Marketing efforts for economic development in the community

These economic development services have provided local businesses advertising, promoting the community and its businesses, downtown business promoting events, an annual business media fair, and seminars on new business practices open to the business community.

The Chamber has a Director that serves as a liaison between the EDC and the Chamber Board of Director.

Chamber of Commerce / EDC Events
These Chamber events are organized by the Chamber of Commerce under its contract with the Grayslake Economic Development Commission.

  • Annual Arts Festival & Wine Tasting
  • 5K Family Fun Run

  • Summer Days

  • Color Aloft Balloon Festival
  • Business Trick-or-Treating

  • Tree Lighting


Sites Available for Development within the Village of Grayslake

Available sites in Grayslake are listed on the Village of Grayslake website. Click below to be directed to the Village website.

Available Sites in Grayslake

For more information regarding available sites or other general information related to business or economic development opportunities in the Grayslake area, please contact Kirk Smith, Zoning Officer at

847-223-8515, email


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